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    Dear Sir/Madam
           We "LLC SEL-TORG" is an officially registered mandate to genuine and reliable end seller company that deals in petroleum products. Attached below is our company soft offer for available products in refinery reservoir tank awaiting urgent lift: JP54, Mazut, Diesel Gas Oil D2, AGO, Aviation Kerosene, Jet A-1, D6 Virgin Oil, EN590, Fuel Oil CST! 80/380, Pet Coke, LNG, LPG, REBCO, UREA, etc.
    Thanks for your cooperation
    Tel/ WhatsApp: +79801674103
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    We are ports certified and reliable tank storage company for all kinds of petroleum liquids , we are present in most renewed port session in
    ROTHERDAM, HOUSTON, FUJAIRAH AND JURONG PORT. Our cost of storage is very affordable and you can have access to our facilities once you have been
    vetted by our legal team.
    Tentatively ,we wish to also inform you, our esteemed company Tank Storage can also assist potential client in meeting some of our reliable
    and honest Refineries/Reseller and also buyers from all over the continent currently holding products of Petroleum Liquid & Bulk Products
    which include: JET FUEL(JP54, JET A1), VIRGIN OIL D6, D2 GASOIL, LNG,LPG, EN590. in our tanks. we will also be kind to share some of their
    contact information.
    So if you need a verified tank storage agreement please contact us with
    the information below.
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  • Good day
    You have a donation of €2,000,000.00 from GARRY CHARITY FOUNDATION.
    Please contact us via: garry555foundation@gmail.com for more Information on how to claim this donation.

    yours Sincerely
    Garry Myles

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    Dear Sir/madam
    We the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "NOBEL OIL  are direct mandate /sales representatives to the seller of petroleum products. Our service is swift and efficient. Our rates and prices are also very competitive.
    At the present, we have the following products available: Kazakhstan/Russian Export Blend Crude Oil (REBCO), Diesel Gasoil (D2), Diesel Fuel D6, Diesel Gasoil Low Sulfur (ULSD), Diesel Automotive Gasoil (AGO), Diesel Fuel EN590, Mazut, Aviation Kerosene/Jet Fuel (JP54), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Gasoline, Fuel Oil, etc. We work with CIF, FOB, and Vessel-to-Vessel procedures.
    Kindly find the attached of our Soft Corporate Offer for your review and revert back should you find this interesting we are always available to give you the best
    Best regards.
    Mr. Pavel Stanislavovich Zhuravlev
    (General manager)
    (Asst.) Dmitry Viktorovich Perov 
    Limited Liability Company "Nobel oil"
    Whatsapp: + 7 985 531 62 34
                      + 7 915 445 19 18
    Email: oil.nobel@mail.ru
    ИНН : 7811438535/ КПП :770501001, ОКПО : 61051543, ОГРН : 1097847164821 Адрес: 115054, Г МОСКВА, МУНИЦИПАЛЬНЫЙ РАЙОН ЗАМОСКВОРЕЧЬЕ, УЛИЦА БАХРУШИНА, 32, КОРП. 1, КОМНАТА 14

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    Dear Partner ,
    We have these available petroleum product for CIF and FOB Transaction, kindly find attached SCO with seller working procedures and product price.

    If you accept our procedure, kindly issue ICPO with any of the procedure so we can proceed.
    Best Regard

    Alexandra Roms Boris
    On behalf of our supplier (VOS OLIE AND GAS BV)
    Email: antoandrey60@bk.ru
    Mandate WhatsApp: (+7 980 178 38 97)

    por "VOS OIL" <rasa.busa@bezvests.lv> - 03:52 - 18 dic. 2023
    Greeting to you Sir/Madam

    We are LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "PHOENIX OIL" a company We facilitate product between the buyer and the seller, we​ currently have large quantities of premium quality Crude Oil (ESPO/REBCO), Light Cycle Oil (LCO), Urea, ​ EN590, and other Oil products, of Russian and Kazakhstan​ origin .​ We also have a reputable Tank storage facility that is available to Buyers & Sellers​ worldwide for storage services of all kinds of petroleum products and FOB Spot deals. Contact us for SCO if Interested.
    Best regards
    Mr. Molchanov Stanislav Vladimirovich
    Whatsapp No: +79092116918
    Skype: LLC PHOENIX

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  • Revised invoice

    Revised invoice

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    Мы будем благодарны получить срочное подтверждение как можно скорее.
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  • Revised invoice

    Revised invoice

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    Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с прилагаемым пересмотренным счетом-фактурой согласно запросу вашей
    Мы будем благодарны получить срочное подтверждение как можно скорее.
    С уважением

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    Pending document

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    Mr. Erokhin Sergei Ivanovic.
    Managing Director DRIMNEFT OOO
        WE the undersigned company." DRIMNEFT OOO" is an official mandate operating on petroleum products as stated below. The products are of HIGH-QUALITY standard.
    We are ready to go into negotiation and close deals with potential and serious buyers under the best international practice procedures and at a best price cap.
    We offer D2, M100, JP54 etc. And any serious buyers for FOB/CIF/TTO/TTT should contact us for more information and we will revert back within the next 24hours with seller SCO. we await to hear from you so we can proceed accordingly.
    We await your swift response. 
    Best Regards
    Mr. Erokhin Sergei Ivanovic.
    Company Name: DRIMNEFT OOO
    Telephone: +79036173942
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